Wednesday, March 16, 2011


OK, the neighbors sign will be moved and a Knit Happens sign will be where it should be in a few weeks. Well if sign makers are like contractors... lets just say I'm still not going to hold my breath, but the signs have been ordered. Yeah!!

Keep posted... Lots of new yarn is coming in and should be on the shelves soon. I will post what has arrived as soon as we can get the boxes opened. It feels a bit like a holiday with all the new stuff arriving.

Thanks again for all your support!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Landlords & Bad Neighbors

Well this is just one more thing that confirms that KNIT HAPPENS! When I drove up to the store on Wednesday morning this week, Thomas Reprographics had a sign over the top of my store. I have been working hard to get it relocated, but my landlord and Thomas Reprographics seem to think that because I did not have the funds to purchase a sign before them, then they have every right to take my space. Don't worry... all is not lost, I am diligently working to get this situation rectified, and trust me I will. However, in the mean time, if anyone out there is doing business with Thomas Reprographics, just know this about them... They are the type of company that is willing to put there sign over the top of another business, which as we all know is just wrong on ALL levels.