Wednesday, April 29, 2009


At Knit Happens, we try to be as green as possible in making our yarn selections.  To that end we have just received the new Debbie Bliss Eco Cotton.  This yarn was featured in the Spring Summer 2009 Debbie Bliss Magazine.  The yarn is manufactured from organic cotton using nontoxic dyes.  The water for the dyeing process is then recycled into drinkable water.   Read more about it in the magazine.  The yarn is 18 sts per inch on a US size 7 needle.  We have a great color selection from which to choose. 

ALOO Fiber

Also new to our store is Aloo Fiber.  This is a yarn made from the Aloo plant native to Nepal.  The yarn has great exfoliating properties and we have made up a Spa Bath Mit and Washcloth kit.  Available as well is a kit for making a great bag out of this versatile yarn.  We have only purchased a limited quantity of this yarn - so check it out soon.

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