Saturday, June 13, 2009

News Channel 10 Broadcast

Several weeks ago we told you that News Channel 10 was coming out to film us during one of our knit-ins.  It was broadcast on Thursday, June 11 on the 9 p.m. news.  Lots of people have responded to the segment commenting on how wonderful the store looked.  It has also brought in many new people to the store.  For those of you who missed it just go to the News Channel 10 website - look at previous broadcasts and click on Knit Happens.  We want to thank Channel 10 for taking the time to come to our store.  They did a terrific job with the segment. 

Why all the Sales???

We have had several people ask us why we are putting on all of the 50% off sales over the summer.  It's true that sales at some knitting stores is not a common place occurrence.  However, CJ's philosophy with Knit Happens is that she intends on keeping new yarns coming in to the store to offer our customers the best in selection.  She wants to have the latest trends in yarns and patterns and to accomplish this we need to clear out some stock to  make way for new things for the fall season.  As we told you, CJ is at TNNA making purchases for the fall and winter.  We simply need space in the store to add these new yarns and  we want to offer our customers not only the best and freshest selection but great value as well.  So don't worry - we're not going anywhere - we're just continuing to make this the best knitting store in town!      

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